Station 110 is Home to a New Aerial Apparatus

Station 110 is Home to a New Aerial Apparatus
Posted on 03/05/2018

By UFA Assistant Chief Mike Watson

Unified Fire Authority’s Mission Statement is, “To save lives, property, and strengthen community relationships with professionalism, courage and dedication.” Our firefighters are dedicated to our mission, and as infrastructure, demographics and data change over time, our administration strives to help our firefighters fulfill that mission.

As such, we have made changes in our service-delivery model in Cottonwood Heights. At station 110 on Fort Union, we have placed into service a brand-new tractor-drawn aerial apparatus. This is a specialized apparatus that is driven from the front AND the rear of the vehicle. Having a steering axle on both ends of the apparatus makes it much more maneuverable. In fact, it can turn sharper corners and maneuver on smaller roadways than an aerial apparatus that is much shorter. Having an aerial apparatus in our city will provide a better service to the Old Mill business district buildings, as well.

Our crews at station 110 would enjoy the opportunity to show our Cottonwood Heights community this wonderful apparatus and to chat with you about the firefighter profession and what the job is like. I invite you to drop by to say hello to one of our crews, or you can contact me to arrange a station tour for your family, scouting or community groups. 

Best regards and as always, stay safe!