March 2018 Wasatch Front Waste News & Notes

March 2018 Wasatch Front Waste News & Notes
Posted on 03/05/2018

Green Waste Program

The weekly Green Waste Collection Program will resume beginning Wednesday, March 21, for Cottonwood Heights residents. The city currently has 729 subscribers. This is a subscription program that helps divert green waste from the landfill to be processed into mulch, which can be purchased for use from the Salt Lake Valley and Trans-Jordan Landfills. At $114 per year, a green waste can is less expensive than an additional black refuse can. For more information on this program, please visit the WFWRD website at:

Landscape Maintenance

Now is the perfect time of year to trim your trees. Salt Lake County Ordinance 14.12.050 and other municipal ordinances, require that trees and landscaping that overhangs the street pavement need to be trimmed to a minimum height of 13½ feet above the street pavement. Following these guidelines will help waste trucks navigate through your neighborhood and empty your cans without potential damage to your trees and collection trucks.

Bagging Recyclables

Wasatch Front Waste & Recycling District is still seeing many situations where residents are placing their recyclable materials in plastic bags. The recycling processing facilities will not accept plastic-bagged materials, and they forward them to the landfill, unopened. Please do not place anything in your blue recycle can that is wrapped in plastic bags. Contact WFWRD Sustainability Coordinator Jeffrey Summerhays (385-468-6337 or if you have specific recycling questions.